The Media Awareness Project

The Media Awareness Project is my non-profit.  We officially began our journey last October and most recently were awarded fiscal sponsorship (that means we can take your money and it’s tax deductible) through the Austin Creative Alliance.

We teach video production. We take production courses of varying lengths into at-risk schools and areas where the average child struggles with traditional forms of literacy. Many of our Austin kids have never been west of I-35, and if you live in Austin or in Texas, you know that means they’ve never seen the capital, UT, South Congress, or any of the other incredible treasures our area has to offer.

But what they do see is incarceration, the criminal justice system as an institution in their neighborhoods (people coming and going to and from jail, child protection workers, parole officers, ect.) addiction, poverty, gangs, violence, and a lot of hopelessness and despair.

It is our singular mission to give voice to these children. We put a camera in their hands and teach them how to tell a story. For more information on us, or to become a member of the Media Awareness Project, check out our (in development) site,

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