Meeting Nina

 Hi, I’m Nina, the writer, and I want to thank you for stopping by the blog.  Meeting Nina is where you can find out a little more about me and the things I think about.

I owe everything in my life to sobriety. Recovery for me is about making spiritual principles act like superpowers in my life.  At times I am irreverent. I love to laugh.  And I always carry the message that everything starts with staying physically sober, but you’re missing it if you stop there. THis blog is a way for me to carry the message of 12-step recovery to a wider audience than I might find in my meetings.

I have a smartypants husband (I refer to him on the blog as JM), two children, a 10-year-old St. Bernard, a 21 lb. cat, 2 guinea pigs (one of which is freakishly large) and a tank full of fish.  It’s Petco at my house, and a lot of days I stumble to my first cup of coffee wondering, how did I get from here to there?

My grown up sobriety life has given me the opportunity to pursue a lot of professional interests. Most of them revolve around communication.  I own NLM Communications, my professional writing site, freelance for an incredibly talented lady who is a social media mastermind, and have recently started a non-profit called The Media Awareness Project; we give at-risk kids a camera and teach them how to tell stories about their lives.  You can connect with me on Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, or YouTube.

I never know what’s going to happen next, and I’ve learned not to worry about it as much as I used to. Living sober is about showing up and doing the footwork. It’s about staying out of the results.  Go to meetings. Call friends. Check on newcomers. Stay in the middle of recovery and build out from there. Do these simple things and everything else kind of falls into place.

My professional path as a writer has included all sorts of interesting projects. I’ve worked for non-profits, created marketing collateral, written lots of speeches (one of my nerdy little passions), done social media work, and am currently working on my first book!

Drug addiction and alcoholism have incredibly devastating effects on society and culture in this country and around the world. Addiction can be found at the root of poverty, homelessness, mental illness, incarceration, foster care, and a wealth of other ills.  That’s why I’m passionate about changing perceptions about drug and alcohol use and sharing the joy of the recovery path.  Quite simply, I know it changes lives.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Nina”

  1. Your web presence is amazing and inspiring! No wonder I love you. I’m trying to follow or whatever on here, but not successfully. But I did… check out your professional site (which I hadn’t done in a few months), LIKE your Recovery FB page, follow your Twitter account (though I could have sworn I already did months and months ago) and read some of your stuff (in rounding out full-circle) on here. Which I love. The Recovery site may be my favorite. I feel I am getting to know my friend even better. Keep it up. I admire your discipline and appreciate the example you are, on so many fronts. I’ve been way behind for way too long. THANK YOU!

    • Hi mama! I’m so glad you found me on here. I found your blog as well, but I didn’t see on it where I can follow. Maybe I am already following, but I want to get the post to my email? Anyway, we HAVE to coffee soon. I want to tell you guys about the Media Awareness Project. ♥

  2. Your smile is gorgeous! (and a little shy and alluring!) I would have never known you went face first into gravity! (must have forgottenthe cape on your chair that day, hehe.)

    I hope you have been enjoying your blog! =)

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