A New Pair of Glasses, Chuck Chamberlain

A New Pair of Glasses is the printed transcripts from a collection of talks provided by Chuck C., at an AA retreat referred to as “The Pala Mesa Men’s Retreat’ and because it is the transcript of someone talking, it’s an easy read and you feel as if Chuck might be somewhere in the room while you’re reading it.

He talks about the disease of alcoholism, his career (do it for fun and for free) working with others and what sobriety looks like translated in a family.  Above all, Chuck believed this was a spiritual solution, and that a person had to have a spiritual (not religious) path in order to be at ease. One of my favorite lines from the book is, “When I perform according to the best I know, there seems to be a nod from of approval from the universe, and they call that, peace of mind.”

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