What does it mean to surrender?

Surrender is the ultimate weapon against pain and suffering. At the point we lay down our defenses and throw up our hands, it’s game over. Frankly, I think the idea of surrender gets a bad rap. A life of addiction is nothing glamorous. Many people think that addicts are just irresponsible and lazy creatures who worm their way into people’s lives to be taken care of. But the truth is, using is hard work.  When we surrender, all that is over and we can ease into recovery one day at a time. Easy does it. That means we need to sleep, heal, eat, pray, go to a meeting, visit a friend. It means that in time, all things will come. We can begin to clean up the messes around us. We can repair damaged and heartbroken relationships. We don’t have to force any of it. Just stay sober.

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