Overheard in AA

  • When I came into the rooms (of Alcoholics Anonymous) I had no idea what these people were talking about. But I felt that they were very interested in me, and that they for some reason, really wanted to hear what I had to say.
  • My disease is inside my head, between my ears. It gets crazy in there, like a bad neighborhood. My ism lives there, which may or may not have anything to do with alcohol. But the end of that (unchecked) road for me is a drink.
  • I told my sponsor about all the craziness in my head. About wanting to smack someone’s face into a counter because I felt they were judging me.  I was waiting for some really inspirational words to come out of his mouth. But he just looked at me and kind of scratched his head and said, well, that may just be because you’re a fuckin’ alcoholic.
  • Resentment is the number one offender. Nothing will drive me to misery faster than unchecked resentment.

1 thought on “Overheard in AA”

  1. I hear some crazy things in the rooms of 12 step programs. Last night at an A.A. meeting where several newcomers were experiencing one of their first exposures to A.A., members turned the focus of the meeting to those who were new, addressing them directly in shares with comments such as, ‘If you’re not ready, you’re not ready, you might as well drink.’

    We should be careful with our words. When I was new, I didn’t want anyone looking at me, talking to me, touching me. I needed to come in the rooms and sit and listen and evaluate for myself whether or not I was an alcoholic. The best message we can give a newcomer is that not only will they someday not have to drink, but they will live a life where they don’t want to drink.

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