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We live in a winner’s world. It belongs to those who triumph and overcome. Survival of the fittest often means that he who claws the deepest gets and he who doesn’t, doesn’t.

JM came home after working the Superbowl (for those of you who are newer to the blog, my husband is a production designer) and was telling me about what it was like standing in the tunnel as the Patriots came off the field after losing to the New York Giants.

They were so young, and they just looked, you know, devastated. It sucks that so often when someone wins, someone elses dream is dying, right there, in slow motion.

Defeat is hard to stomach, but winning can be deceiving. I ran across this quote from Rilke in a post on Elephant Journal and thought it made for a nice Sunday morning inspiration.


Winning does not tempt that man

For this is how he grows: By being defeated, decisively,

By constantly greater things.

 ~ Rilke

You may not be growing if you haven’t been at least a little uncomfortable anytime in your recent memory.  Just a thought.