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The Green Lantern’s power ring first appeared in All American Comics #16, July 1940 and throughout Superpower history, has often been referred to as the most powerful weapon in the universe. The only known limit to the power of this thing is the ring-bearer’s own will. Whatever the ring-wearer imagines, the ring will create.

If you’re looking for some life-giving force field that will let you fly (without the use of hallucinogens), travel through inhospitable environments (like Earth, or your local neighborhood), enter hyperspace (the parallel universe is no mystery to addicts and alcoholics…we’ve been living on another plane since the day we were born), look no further than your own belief system.

Your head (alcoholic or otherwise) is a highly advanced computer, and in spite of what you may think, you’re an incredible human being. You are at exactly the right place at the perfect time, and as a meditation I read each day says, you can never get it done, and never get it wrong.  Look for what you want to see today, because what you look for is inevitably what you’re going to find.

The thing about the power ring (if you ever followed comics as a kid) is that it has to be worn to be effective, but if you find you’ve left your house today without this magical little contraption, fear not! At many times in Green Lantern history, the ring was summoned from a distance (even if someone else was wearing it!) So if someone has stolen your personal power this morning, just close your eyes and command it back.

By far, the most significant limitation of the power ring is the willpower of the wearer. In sobriety, that’s a little thing we call faith. It’s what you are willing to believe. Are you willing to believe this morning that a power greater than you can restore you to sanity, can remove unhealthy obsessions, can place you as an equal (not less than or more than) in the middle of your world…a safe place where you are busy with the work of living and where you are surrounded by the love and support of others?

It’s an incredible feeling to be one among…our weaknesses are only what we believe is not possible for us. If you (like the power ring) need a little recharging today, why not flex your prayer muscle a little. The first time I said the 3rd step prayer, it was with my sponsor and we got on our knees in my apartment. I found this awkward and unnecessary. But that’s not the point. Since then I’ve said the 3rd step prayer many times (and usually not on my knees) because it reflects what I am willing to have happen in my life today:

I offer myself (in other words…I’m here for you Universe.)

Build with me and do with me what YOU will. (This was–and sometimes still is–hard to say, mainly because I instinctively think that it’s going to be something I won’t like. I should clarify that this has not been the case. In 11 years, god’s (his/her/it’s/energy/superconscious) plan for me has always been better than mine.

Relieve me of the bondage of self (who cares that I’m getting relieved so I can better do a ‘higher calling’ …whatever! Just take it. Being in bondage sucks!)

Take away my difficulties (yes please! I’ll take 2nd servings on that one! And again, not an issue that it’s so I can be of more service. You know why that’s fine? Because I get to do a lot of cool stuff and it’s where I’m happiest, even though I rarely know that in the moment.)

May I do your will. I’m gonna be honest here. I don’t know who ‘your’ is.  But I have a sense of the will. It’s love, service, patience, kindness. It’s softness in a crazy world. It’s fearlessness in the face of things that are just plain wrong. It’s a persistent faith in hope, goodness, mercy, redemption, evolution.  Doing ‘your will’ for me is a spiritual practice. Back to the beginning. I’m never done. It’s never over.

Happy Saturday.  May you be empowered today.