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If you’ve made it to the 9th step (or you’re there again) know that it is the place of ultimate freedom!  t’s the place where we have become willing to really admit the wrongs we’ve done and to search for meaningful ways to right them.  That means we’ve picked up a good chunk of humility somewhere and we’re learning to think of others.  The 9th step is what moves us (in my opinion) out into the grander world. It’s what lets us join in.  It takes a completely crumbled addict and alcoholic and makes them capable of being just a person among people, a worker among workers.  It gives us a way to clean up the messes we’ve made, and it gives us a way to keep things clean as we move through life growing and recovering.  It’s such a powerful tool to know that the best of me can be the worst of me.  I have learned a lot through the inventory process. And I have found a solution for the fact that I’m not perfect, and I never will be.  Once powerless, I can now access the power of saying, I was wrong, I made a mistake. And then I can move on.  Because the point is not for us to stay stuck and small in our mistakes. The point is that we are large beyond measure, as the saying goes, and that there’s a lot for us to do here.

Happy Sunday!