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It’s not easy to get from here to there…and that’s true when you have 7 seconds sober and you’re just trying to figure out how people go to the grocery store without smoking crack and it’ true when you have 11 years and you’re trying to lose fear, ego, attachment to everything you think you’re supposed to be.

What I’m saying is that growing is a process. It’s going from who you are (with what you believe and the tools you presently have for living) to who you want to be. In the middle you are a person who doesn’t yet have the tools (the experience, the patience, the whatever) that you’re going to have when you arrive at your next (spiritual) destination.  So it’s a juicy place full of a lot of emotion and apprehension.  A lot of alcoholics and addicts (and humans for that matter!) just say…forget it. Let me just squeeze into a crevice where I feel safe and the world seems manageable. But for those who want a little more-

It is what we can imagine that keeps us from the (sometimes) brutality of the in-between.  This otherworld, shadowy and thin, and on the edge of everything, exists in a place we’re not sure we can get to.  When we’re in the middle, it’s like we have one foot in who we are and another in who we want to be.  Sometimes it’s hard to know which world we belong to.  But the thing to remember is that our imagination has the power to thrill us, to keep us inspired, and to provide the motivation we need to keep moving towards the place we want to be.  As I heard in a meeting last night: It wouldn’t be faith if we could see every curve in the road.