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I don’t want to sound sappy, but you’re a miracle! Who knows how you were saved from the despair of addiction, or for what purpose. It’s not really for us to question. We can easily get lost in wondering why we get this thing when someone else stays stuck in the mud. It’s horrible to watch people die of alcoholism and addiction.  Even beyond addiction, it’s horrible to watch people suffer in their own misery.  It’s an experience you’re going to have if you stick around here (life)  long enough.

The point is, like the lotus, you’ve got a chance to come up out of the muddy water.  Lotus-like, you can be untouched by the nastiness that used to be your reality.  When we begin to “offer all our actions to the Divine, and surrender” the true potential of our beauty can evolve.

Be just a dweller today, in your human body.  Observe it with detachment, and love. Realize that minds fire neurons and fixate on things. That’s what a mind does. But we are not our minds.  Bodies go from here to there and back again a thousand times trying to achieve various goals. But we are not our bodies. We are something separate from the world and also a part of it.  It’s crazy beautiful to know this!  The closer we get to our truest self, the more attention we pay to finding a part of us not driven by fear, ego, achievement, ambition, money, sex, love, want, attention, need.  Just look for self, that thing that exists independently from everything else.  Rise from the mud. Let in the light.

It’s not about doing, or not doing anything. We can achieve this sense of detachment regardless of what the events of our day look like. I can be very very interested in finishing the work on the website for my non-profit today. I can center my day and my thoughts and my activities around that, and still be in a state of detachment where I am connected with my source, the part of me NOT driven by fear, ego, achievement, but instead, just the me that’s working steadily towards something without any emotional attachment to what it might look like when it’s done.

This is SO hard, right? I mean, really, does anyone else struggle with this? For one thing, this is not the message I was raised with (to detach from results) and for another, if I detach, how can I be sure that a power greater than me is going to orchestrate everything correctly?

And yet somewhere in me, I am certain that there’s something here for all of us. Because as I dig for my true self (that has no attachment to the website or what it looks like or when it’s done or how it will change my life) as I dig for that self I feel something unusually still and gentle…peace.