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No matter what’s going on in our external lives, the fact is, we know (I sometimes hate that…because knowing demands we do things differently than when we didn’t know.)

Sometimes life is full of fear. We may be overwhelmed with the tasks that are in front of us, or worse yet, those that lie dimly in the distant future. But still, somewhere inside, we know. When we close our eyes and settle in (as The Daily Buddha said this morning) and we become present for ourselves, we can focus our breath and our attention on this moment, and usually, in this moment, everything is okay.

So the question for the week is: How can I be present, fully, in this moment where everything is okay?

Love to hear your thoughts on this. Because I’m telling you the truth when I say that I don’t always know.  What I wrote three weeks ago on the blog may totally elude me in my life today. I think this is what being human is like. There are no gurus. No heroes. We are each (no matter how it may appear) engaged in the daily challenge of finding inner ground in a groundless world. And that’s why we need each other so much. Because we aren’t always all falling apart at the same time.