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“When you realize that there was never anything in the dark to be afraid of, you can laugh.”  Alan Watts

What is God? God is the same thing you are…a void. As Alan Watts would say, total transparency, the ultimate space in which anything can happen. The realization that there is nothing to fear would also be a realization that we know nothing about God.  That’s just a human word for something beyond our understanding.  It doesn’t mean we can’t feel it.  The feeling part is about vibration and energy. It’s a very real and measurable thing.

But there is no permanency here.  There are no boundaries. We are a blip on the radar. There are waves of experiences that have come before us and unlimited ones that will come long after we are gone.  Every wave has a crest and a trough, human labels we have put on things to help us understand them.  Sound, light…they have already happened (come and gone) by the time you experience them.  Everything you experience is already over.

Humans are obsessed with separation. We define ourselves in countless classifications: gender, color, race, religion, height, weight, degrees of success, education, income, possessions. It’s exhausting. Why do we do it? Perhaps it is our scramble to feel safer, to make sense of it all.

But I need to keep my perspective on life and on my sobriety like Watts’ description of Buddhism.  The ultimate space in which anything can happen.  It’s large, limitless.  It doesn’t look like anything…not a box, not a circle. It’s not linear. It is infinite in possibility. The big question is are you enjoying it?