This is an AMAZING book! It’s written by a guy named Takuan Soho, who was a Zen monk, tea master, and rumored inventor of the pickle. For more than 3 centuries, Soho’s words have been inspiring people around the world to live an unfettered life: to be set free, released from physical and mental bonds.

In his time, he moved through all levels and classes of Japanese society.  Some of his last words were: Bury my body in the mountain behind the temple, cover it with dirt, and go home. In other words, get on with the business of living.

With his last breath, it is rumored that Takuan Soho wrote the Chinese character for yume (dream), put down his brush, and died.


I am wishing each of you the most incredible day today. I love the first day of each year. I appreciate you, reader.  Happy New Year!