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For those of you who still care, the kitchen remodel is basically complete! If you’re wondering what happened to the dog or the dead squirrel, read past postings. JM and I both woke up this morning with cranky lower back pain and stiff necks, but the trauma of leaking pipes inside drywall is essentially over.

I think it’s almost prophetic that in one week my father died, I discovered a crack in the foundation of my house, and leaking pipes secretly corrupting the integrity of my kitchen wall finally overflowed.  My father and I had strained relationship. It needed to change in order for me to find peace, and ultimately, that peace came when he died. I don’t understand the man. I probably never will.  But I am now free to move on to obsessing about other things…like whether or not I will get into graduate school.

It would have helped had I decided to apply more than 6 weeks before the deadline. But this is kind of how I do it. I work best under pressure. Like having 9 minutes left to finish this blog post before I have to brush my hair (current status: rat’s nest) and leave for work. I think a certain amount of time pressure curbs my natural tendency to overanalyze (read: rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.) When you have 9 minutes (or 6 weeks to complete several parts of an application including a 20 page paper) you just get right to the point.  Now that the kitchen is finished it’s time to knock out the rest of the application.

Are you savvy blog readers getting the drift of today’s post yet?

It’s Monday, and I love Mondays. Mondays are about moving on. They’re the new notebook of the week.  They’re a brand new ‘to-do’ list (which incidentally, I totally believe can contain already done items just so that you have the immediate satisfaction of crossing things off!)  Kitchen trauma over. Dead father. Grad school application.  MOVE ON!

Alcoholics (and drug addicts) can make simple things really complicated–such as registering cars, getting insurance, paying tickets, returning phone calls…you get it!  Sometimes, what we really need to do is just move on.  That’s partly about crossing things off a list. And it’s partly about ditching the drama in favor of finding solutions that work.  It’s going to be a good week this week….I can feel it!