I blog, therefore I am. Ha! Seriously though, I love blogging about recovery. And when I sit down at this computer to write something for this blog, it never feels like an obligation. It doesn’t feel heavy or draining; I don’t dread it or look for a gazillion other things to do before I jump in.  It brings me joy.  That’s why I do it. Becuase I think it’s important to do as many things that bring you joy as possible, and as often as possible. And to do as little of the things that make you unhappy as you can reasonably get away with.

You’ve heard of the practice of living as if you had a year to live, right?  There are some practitioners who take this so far as to set a ‘death date’ and to spend each of the 365 days up until that date living their lives as if that day was really going to be their last on the planet.  What if that were true for you? That one year from today, you’d be dead? Who would it be important to see? Spend time with? What would you care about? Would you be consumed with fear about what money you might have in two months?  Would you rack your brain trying to figure out what you were going to do with your life in 5 years? Would your work, or your business, or whatever it is that you pour your heart and soul into suddenly seem less important? Would you be consumed thinking about what legacy (physical, financial, moral or spiritual) you might leave behind?

To think about life ending is to really get what it means to live in today.  If I were to be dead in 365 days, I’d still write this blog, because every day around this country, addiction is destroying lives.  I’d still go to yoga (I’d have to…I’d be freaking out about dying!)  I’d want to spend every minute with my family and my friends. And I’d eat a lot of cake.  I wouldn’t get so caught up in the drama of whether my kid’s rooms were clean or they bombed a spelling test.  I wouldn’t worry that I might not get into grad school.  I’d just live in today–I hope.

Living in the moment is a developed skill that takes practice.  We have to commit to it. Try opening your Big Book to pg. 86 this morning and start the practice of living in the moment by reading, “Upon awakening…”

Have a fantastic day!