I love my blog readers, and I can’t let the blog silence continue without letting you know that I haven’t jumped ship (the recovery ship or the writing ship!) There are exactly 39 days until I have to have my completed grad school application submitted (and that includes Thanksgiving weekend which is useless for getting anything done!)The only thing standing between me and grad school right now is a 20 page paper on the sociological issue of my choice and a personal statement that sets me apart from the other gazillion or so applicants to my programs of choice. Hmmm…so I’m pretty much consumed by discussing the mass incarceration epidemic in the United States (let me know if you’d like to read posts from the paper!)

I’m sending you lots of love and light just like I always do, and I should be back to sobriety stumping soon!  Until then, may you be happy joyous and free, or may you at least not get a bad case of the RIDs.

By the way, if any of you are interested in a guest blogging spot on the sobriety topic of your choice, please let me know. Serenity bank account credit is available, as well as big love and author recognition!