You guys know how I love the DB (Daily Buddha)…in fact, I love Jim so much that I’m thinking about giving him his own category on my blog–actually yep, going to do that now, hold on…

Okay, so today’s reflection:

10 Observations from Life and The Cushion:

1. It’s only unreachable if you don’t reach for it.

2. Life has a rhythm if you listen – flow with and not against it.

3. Don’t regret anything; at one time it was exactly what you wanted.   (Damn him for pointing this out!)

4. Don’t ever give up on humanity, we can be full of amazing surprises.

5. Live within the moment as best you can, Kodak can’t capture everything!

6. Love the moment as it passes by and happily let it go.

7. After the rain there’s always a rainbow.

8. The ones who say you can’t & you won’t are always the ones who are
most concerned that you will.

9. There are no storms, only chances to dance in the rain.

10. Life isn’t about the breaths you take; it’s about the moments that take            (We’ve heard this one, but it’s still good!)
your breath away.

Peace and Love, Jim

Namaste and stuff….Nina