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Good morning!

If you thought it was gonna be another day of sappy sentimental mush….hahahahahaNO!

I love anniversaries, because they’re like stop signs in my recovery.  I get to take a minute and look around and survey where I am (you know, taking inventory!)  But like a stop sign, if I stay too long in the waxing on about it all, the people behind me are gonna get pissed and start bleeping their horns all over my serenity.

For better or worse, the world at large moves at an incredibly fast pace.  I used to think there were only 2 options for dealing with this: run like a dog strapped to a treadmill trying to keep up or fall off completely into the ether.  Lately, I’m learning that I have power over this sensation of being on a constantly spinning planet.  I control the pace, when I choose to.  But of course, this is just another dose of taking personal responsibility for the experience I’m having here.  Admittedly, I find that difficult sometimes.

The real balancing act of living it seems, is not in finding some perfect formula where every person, place, desire and thing in your life has a spot where it sits and behaves as it’s supposed to (wouldn’t that be nice!?!)  Balance instead seems more linked to my ability to move through life like wind or water…just going with the flow while keeping my priorities in mind. This requires me to give up a lot of ‘management’ tactics when it comes to living. To stay present and in some sort of balance means that I’m too busy to bullshit.  There’s no time to be the president of the universe.  I can let go and know that it’s all happening, unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.

Flow today, and be at peace with the shifting energies around you.