Mission Accomplished!

It’s harder than it looks to surrender.  Remember former President Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ announcement aboard the aircraft carrier the USS Abraham Lincoln back in 2003?
More lives were lost after that announcement of surrender than in all
the months of war prior to it.

Surrender was tough back in Japan in 1945 as well. Soldiers that kept fighting after the war had officially ended were called stragglers. One such straggler was found 27 years after the war.  Corporal Shoichi Yokoi was discovered fishing along the Talofofo River in Guam. When asked why he waited to come forward and surrender he said he preferred death to the disgrace of surrender. Now that’s stubborn!

But I’ve seen a lot of that kind of stubbornness in and around Alcoholics Anonymous. If you’ve ever loved an alcoholic, you’ve probably seen it too. It’s the unswerving conviction
that this time it’s going to be different; somehow we’re going to make the
drinking thing work.

We want to be more like water, kind of flowing in and around and through our lives.  Instead of trying to muscle obstacles out of the way, it’s always more productive to take the path of less resistance and just surrender.  “We stopped fighting everyone and everything.”  What a
powerful place to come from.  Like water,we become completely willing to change our path, our direction, our flow, in order to meet and overcome the obstacles in our way.

This isn’t some kind of genius analogy I’m coming up with. You’ve heard the reference to water a million times and almost every spiritual leader on the planet has devoted countless hours to extolling the virtues of surrender.  Water is a great metaphor for that process, but I’ve also seen resistance fade away—literally instantaneously.

When surrender happens, it happens.  There is no more fight left in the dog.  Behind surrender there is perfect peace…so why are we so afraid of it?  The minute we find ourselves surrendered to something, we are in the exactly the right place to begin a course correction and try something new.